音樂和歌曲向來是一種偉大的治療師。它可以同時在多層面的作用上,顯著地改善情緒和緩解壓力等症狀。 自適科學化音樂療法事工(簡稱 ASHMM)的黃安琦博士,非常樂意向你介紹和演示癒合音樂和歌曲治療。ASHMM的使命是以造物主的角度,來促進和共享癒合音樂給全人類,以加強個人的能力,實現人生的目標。 

Music and Songs have always been a great healer. They are significant Mood-changer and Reliever-of-Stress, working on many levels at once.  To share the experience of the efficacy of music in enhancing our strengths and creating a mood vehicle for our well-being, Dr. Angie Cook Wong of Adaptive Science Healing Music Ministry (ASHMM) is willing to give you an introduction and demonstration of Healing Music. The Mission of ASHMM is to promote and share healing music in the Creator's perspective to all mankind in order to strengthen individual abilities to achieve the goals in life.

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